NGLCC Web site clearly shows McDonald's is a "Corporate Partner and Organizational Ally"

May 14, 2008

McDonald's is still trying to distort their support for the homosexual agenda by twisting words. While McDonald's says it is not a member of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, the NGLCC website proudly lists them as a "Corporate Partner and Organizational Ally." In a telephone call from McDonald’s Vice-President Jack Daly, on May 2, he confirmed to AFA that it gave $20,000 to the NGLCC.

In addition, Daly told AFA that Richard Ellis, vice president of communications for McDonald’s, is a "gay man" and personally approved the $20,000 donation to the NGLCC. Mr. Daly also claimed that Richard Ellis was elected to the NGLCC board as a private citizen and not a representative of McDonald’s. Yet, Richard Ellis is listed on the NGLCC website as Vice President of Communications, McDonald’s USA.

There is more:

So dedicated to promoting gay activities on public streets, McDonald's sponsored the 2007 San Francisco Gay Pride parade with a television commercial. In the ad, McDonald’s brags that it is “a company that actively demonstrates its commitment to the gay and lesbian community.”